At Appoint, we are natural born problem-solvers and we like to think outside the box. So when it comes to recruitment, there’s no challenge too big or too small for us. While we’re often working against the clock, we always find time to push the boundaries.

We’re all about developing first class campaigns, and delivering outstanding results for our clients and candidates alike. With our innovative minds, fast delivery times, and a people-centric approach, we’ve got you covered.


Jackie Rahilly

As the Founder and Director of Appoint, Jackie is an experienced Recruitment Manager with a background in delivering the top talent in the market to private and public sector organisations. Jackie focuses on strategic growth and drives a positive workplace, cultivating an innovative working environment. So Jackie’s really the head honcho in charge of growth and fun. Nice gig.
Jackie is direct and straight to the point, she understands the importance of your career and finding the right person for your business. Jackie takes her job seriously – herself not so!

Kim Coghill

Kim commenced her recruitment career in 2002. Prior to joining Appoint, Kim worked for nearly a decade with a mid-sized agency and was their top performing recruiter nationally, while earning a reputation as one of Brisbane’s leading recruiters in her field. Don’t ask her about her trophies! Kim has had an extensive history in mentoring highly successful recruitment teams and her passion is seeing people succeed. Clients and candidates alike say Kim is authentic, genuine and fiercely protective of her brand and reputation. She likes a coffee to start her day and a champagne to finish it.

Art Keyner
Managing Partner - Technology

Our IT Recruitment Guru, Arthur, or Art as he is fondly known in the industry is considered a trusted advisor to several key stakeholders in the enterprise technology industry and firmly believes that autonomy, robotics and machine learning will always be governed by people, service mindedness and circularity.
A Software Developer and Business Intelligence Specialist by trade, Art immigrated to Australia from Holland 13 years ago and continued his technology career from both a client and supplier perspective.
At Appoint Art leads our Information Technology Division that services our clients with both temporary and permanent solutions. When he’s not leading the team or recruiting his own roles you will find him zipping around in his Tesla or talking all things geeky!

Angelina Howe
Recruitment Executive

Angelina focuses on temporary and permanent solutions for her clients delivering outcomes with a quick turnaround. Angelina is a solution seeker, and she has seen great success in connecting clients and candidates and producing exceptional results. She has a passion for working with people and feels privileged to work within an industry that allows her to change people’s lives. Angelina began her career with Appoint after a long history within strong sales environments. In her spare time (not that you get a lot of that in recruitment) Angelina is a super mum to her tribe of gorgeous boys – she nearly has a whole footy team!

Cassandra Leigh
Recruitment Executive

An import from the UK, Cassandra Leigh is Appoint’s humorous English beauty. She’s worked in recruitment roles all over the world and says there’s not a lot she hasn’t seen or dealt with. Cass has proven herself to be enormously valuable and her positive and upbeat attitude resonates throughout the office, down the phone lines and through every email communication. Cass specialises in temporary and permanent staffing solutions and is focused on recruiting for technical roles. She is quick to identify a client’s most pressing needs and a candidate’s career wish list and then works tirelessly to create the perfect match.

Lauren Karan
Recruitment Executive

Lauren’s recruitment career kicked off in 2007 and since then, she has built an enviable industry network and in-depth knowledge of developing successful sourcing strategies that attract the best people with the right combination of skills, experience and motivations. With an impressive history working as an internal Recruitment Partner within Downer, Fulton Hogan, McConnell Dowell & John Holland, there aren’t many roles she hasn’t filled!

Samantha Webber
Recruitment Executive

Samantha, world traveller and prosecco lover has over 5 years recruitment experience working across multiple verticals in UK & Australia with the last 3 years specialising within Civil Construction.
She supports our office support division from both a permanent and temporary capacity within marketing, HR, finance, construction, customer service & events, you name it!
Samantha has built exceptionally strong relationships within her market which ensures the best possible outcome for both her clients and candidates with a quick turnaround. She is an engaging, quick to act and reliable consultant with a fresh approach and is a passionate problem solver for her market.

Samiah Basha
Recruitment Executive

“Sami” as she is fondly known as in the industry is our little pocket rocket. Prior to joining Appoint, Sami managed multiple recruitment projects with a focus on customer service and client relationships. Employed by a few of the big guns including Manpower & Hays, Sami has successfully managed key accounts across diverse industries and has a reputation for fostering long-term relationships. Sami’s past roles have seen her responsible for managing major clients across both blue and white collar streams. Sami may be tiny in stature, but what she lacks in height she makes up for in placements, and boy, does she rock it.

Steven Colbran
Talent Sourcing Manager

Steven joins Appoint after returning home to BrisVegas following a number of different roles and locations in the HR/Recruitment project space. Steven has a strong background in recruitment across many areas including technical, engineering and Oil & Gas. Having worked in various HR capacities he has dealt with a lot of characters along the way. We’d be lost without him and his hours of searching for awesome candidates for our clients. On the side, Steven is a budding Psych student keeping his head down in the textbooks.

Ella Bieber
Business Manager

As the glue that holds Appoint together, Ella is our go-to person for pretty much everything. Kicking off her recruitment experience in 2009, Ella is the guru of recruitment systems, process, procedure and operations. It’s safe to say she’s cool under pressure and she loves solving problems. As the Business Manager, Ella lives and breathes the Appoint brand and is constantly implementing new and outrageous ways of doing things to keep us ahead of the pack. The strategies and processes Ella puts in place ensure that Appoint offers clients and candidates a responsive, professional and consistent service.

Michelle Cook
Accounts Manager

With a spreadsheet and calculator at the ready Michelle is responsible for all things finance at Appoint. Oh, and is also the Head of our Social Club – interesting combination we know! With a passion for numbers, Michelle ensures best practice accounting processes and systems. With a strong background within chartered accounting firms, Michelle came across to the recruitment world nearly 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back. Cookie also moonlights under various Instagram aliases’ as a wine connoisseur.

Kristy Bunker
Business Coordinator

Every good firm deserves a great Business Coordinator and for us at Appoint, that’s the cheerful and efficient Kristy Bunker. As the go-to person for pretty much anything and everything, Kristy is a godsend for the entire team because if something needs to be done, it’s usually Kristy who will see to it that it is. Part of what makes her so effective is that she’s a mum and organisation is a huge part of that job description too. In addition, Kristy has previously studied overseas at Harvard University and is currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work. Kristy is highly regarded and does a brilliant job every, single day. She is another ‘piece of the puzzle’ that makes us all look good, really good!

Janelle Bannon
Business Coordinator

Our great all-rounder, Janelle Bannon has a definite ‘can-do’ attitude, and nothing is ever too much trouble. Her role as Business Coordinator means every day brings something different. In a nutshell, Janelle makes the recruitment team’s lives easier so they can spend more time doing what they do best. Since 2011, Janelle has worked in recruitment, an industry she relishes because she can make a difference in people’s lives. In her time away from work, Janelle is a huge devotee of 1980s music and loves a good helping of gelato. “I am a two-scoop gelato fan – one lemon, one chocolate.” She enjoys getting together with friends for afternoon bubbles, loves a good book and aims for an occasional getaway out of the city.

Rhiannon Lomax
Business Consultant

Appoint’s Business Consultant, Rhiannon Lomax spends her time identifying and attracting business partnerships that will be mutually beneficial and result in success for each party. She’s a long-term relationship builder and is integral to the business’s growth and ongoing maturity. After more than a decade in the recruitment industry, Rhiannon still hears from temps she placed all that time ago. “These days, I hear from them as clients and I get a real kick from that. They always say they remember how well I treated them. Similarly, I sometimes hear from clients who become candidates and they say I was their first port of call. That means a lot to me.” Rhiannon is a critical part of the Appoint crew and manages to open up a lot of new doors for us.

Mikella Esposito
Appoint Rookie

Affectionately known as known as Miki, Miksta or ‘Rookie’, Miki brings a bright disposition, youthful enthusiasm and dedication beyond her years. Miki is learning from the ground up, having joined our team as an intern and now continuing as a full time Appoint crew member. Miki’s over-arching role is to keep the office functioning and we all depend on her for so many different things in the course of a day at Appoint. She’s also responsible for keeping our social media activity on track. In her downtime, she enjoys watching documentaries about the Royal Family and is a Harry Potter mega fan. “I love Harry Potter so much and if I could I would 100 percent go to Hogwarts and be a wizard!” For now, Miki is content to wave her magic wand around the Appoint offices.

Canine Crew Member

Archie, AKA Archibald, is a 3-year-old poodle with a lush coat of curly white fur. He’s the friendly, energetic pooch of the office who gets along with everyone. We like to think of him as that friend you’d call if you were having a ‘ruff’ day who would hear you out and give you a cuddle. He’s cruisy, easy-going and, frankly, the least trouble which scores big points around here.
Because he’s so emotionally attached to his mum Kim, whenever she leaves the office for a client visit, he follows her to the door and cries until someone picks him up and comforts him. Needy much.
He’s also a bit of a chewer, but only on himself. It’s a pretty extreme habit and at times, he’s been known to get around with a cone on his head to stop him chewing his skin, poor darling.
Faster than a greyhound, Archie moves through the office at lightning speed. In fact, if he was human, we reckon he’d give Usain Bolt a run for his money.

Canine Crew Member

A mixed bag of all good things, George, AKA GG is two and a half years old. He’s half King Charles spaniel, quarter poodle and quarter Tibetan spaniel. We think his Tibetan side shines through because he’s such a gentle soul. Mind you, he’s a pretty effective guard dog too – even if he is a miniature one – and will bark to alert us that someone is downstairs. Then he’ll lick them to death when he knows they’re welcome. Come to think of it, George is a serial feet licker. Anyone with fake tan on is a target! We all complain a bit about the licking, his signature move, but we have to accept him for all his quirks, right?

George enjoys a good scratch from anyone who looks his way and he naps like a boss. His life is one of a high-flying, minimally working, people-loving socialite. He’s rarely left alone – because he has serious FOMO – will party hard for ten minutes at a time and then nap for an hour. Don’t we all dream of that life?

We’ve concluded that George has little dog syndrome, but we forgive him pretty much anything because he’s a genuine asset to the Appoint team.

Canine Crew Member

Missy is six years old and a sweet blend of Maltese, chihuahua and toy poodle. The smallest of the pack, what she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality. As she’s also the ‘village elder’ of the pack, she typically behaves like a mother hen. She definitely has a sweet soul but anyone who tries to take on the role of king pin should watch out! She will shut you down faster than you can blink.

Our little sweetheart only has one eye and we think it’s why she can be a bit protective at times. She loves humans and is always up for a cuddle. In fact, Missy can usually be found on someone’s lap throughout the day. She doesn’t mind whose, only that she gets cuddles.

We love that Missy is a strong, decisive female. Her whole personality screams Appoint and when you look at the way she rocks that fringe, well seriously, it’s a power ‘do’ if ever we’ve seen one!

Canine Crew Member

Two-year-old cavoodle Marcie is a sweetie-pie who will happily take a pat from anyone in her vicinity. Like any well-groomed lady, she has amazing eyebrows though we suspect she may not like her nicknames (‘Johnny Howard’ and ‘Agro’) if she could speak human.
Marcie has a distinct dislike for cones which unfortunately places poor Archie in a pickle now and then when he’s wearing his cone of shame for chewing on himself.
The common consensus around the office is that Marcie is an old soul. She’s always happiest either when she’s getting pats or when she’s snoozing under Kristy’s desk. Cuddly, with fur like velvet, Marcie cuddles are just the best.
Anyone having a bad day only has to look at that precious little face and boom, smiling is unavoidable!


We enable extraordinary things to happen in the industry we know and love, by unleashing the power of people and community. Whether you are a candidate or an employer, we can make you shine in the market place by helping you make the right connections.

We are small enough to tailor our recruitment strategy to suit you, yet large enough to connect the right people to the right role. Our services go beyond simply filling vacancies – we build careers and develop the business relationships that are conducive to success.

We enable extraordinary things to happen in the industry we know and love, by unleashing the power of people and community. Whether you are a candidate or an employer, we can make you shine in the market place by helping you make the right connections.

We are small enough to tailor our recruitment strategy to suit you, yet large enough to connect the right people to the right role. Our services go beyond simply filling vacancies – we build careers and develop the business relationships that are conducive to success.


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