Who is Appoint

Appoint is a competent crew of recruitment enthusiasts.

At Appoint we build successful relationships with our clients and candidates through our professionalism, integrity and a dash of humour.


You might have lots of seats to fill or you might be looking for just one – someone rather niche, specialist and downright fancy. We can help. We attract, source and assess according to your particular requirements.


Career change, climbing the corporate ladder, changing industries or just not loving your current role – there are so many reasons to call us. In our eyes, you’re a real person and not just a number on a database.

We have wonderful clients

Appoint is a business partner that I will use every time first and foremost. You will get value for money, expertise, industry knowledge, access to great networking circles and a professional pragmatic business partner when you engage Appoint.

Janice, HR Manager (Resources)

Kim is a details orientated recruiter who takes a great lot of pride in ensuring the “right fit” on skills and attitude for the task and position. The service that Appoint provides is second to none. Kim is very charismatic, personable and professional.

Matt, Managing Director (Construction)

Jackie proved to be a knowledgeable, personable recruiter with experience in a variety of engineering disciplines and roles. Jackie took into account the personalities I needed as well as the technical abilities required. I would recommend Appoint to any organisation looking to recruit.

Jason, Design Manager (Engineering)


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