How on earth do I get my resume right?

You’ve heard it all a 1000 times, writing the perfect resume is essential to gaining the right job. But, seriously, how on earth do you get it right when everyone out there has a different opinion?!?

The answer? You trust a recruitment agency such as ummmm…. us! So, let’s get you started!

The First Page

This is the place where you want to create a summary of all that is good. The reality of the situation is, sometimes recruiters can be bombarded with hundreds and heaven forbid (yes, please) thousands of resumes for that job you’re chasing. And, we aren’t going to be able to pick you, if all the key information we need is on page 4 of your resume… seriously.

So, use the front page of your resume as a summary to place information such as the last job you worked in, your key responsibilities and the top projects you might have worked on. If relevant, we also like to see your education here. And you also (seems like the obvious, but we’re going to point it out anyway) need to make sure that you have information in there such as your name, phone number, location and email address… please!?!

Page Two

This is where you start to house your past jobs. But, how far do you go back? How much detail do you give? These are all super relevant questions, people! You need to go back, as far as is relevant to that particular role. Which means, if you are applying for a position as the new CEO of Apple, letting us know that you worked as a Sandwich Artist at Subway when you were 15 probably isn’t relevant! However, if you’re applying to be a PA for the Lord Mayor, well we want to know that you’ve been a PA since you were 18 – make sense?

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